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Plzeňka Plzeň

Great-tasting Pilsner beer, delicious food and a unique interior design


When we look around us, we see people and friends, who like to enjoy perfect beer and feel extremely passionate about it.People, who love Pilsen, the city and the beer. The same it was with their fathers and fathers of their fathers…

We look into mobiles, search on google, we comment on anything and we see the world already through 4D lenses… But the joyful feeling, when you enter the pub, where you feel warm, where are known faces and the bartender already knows, what you will ask for, those moment os priceless. No lady made of silicon can replace it. The moment, when you are served with frothy and dewy mug full of dense and creamy foam on pilsner beer from tank, you put your lips and have a sip, such feeling is for more than 170 years the same, exquisite…
And the moment will remain the same. That’s why we have created Plzeňka, modern pilsner pub without any bullshit. Bold, roary, straightforward, where it will be perfectly clean, where you enjoy great food and where it will be perfectly fresh tank beer. 
Plzeňka is a place, where you will rest from mobilephones and „beauty & perfection“ pressure of modern world.  
Plzeňka is a place, where you can, the same like our fathers did, chat, smile and it completely does not matter, whether i tis Tuesday or Friday…
To our Fathers, our Grandfathers and all Pilsner regulars…
Plzeňka Pilsen

Pilsner Urquell

  • The legendary pale lager from Pilsen

  • Distinctive aroma imparted by malt grains

  • 4.4 % alcohol by volume

  • Pleasant caramel flavour

  • A golden reward for a job well done

  • A touch of velvety bitterness brought by the Saaz hops


Imparted by water from Pilsen

Delicate taste

With its low level of minerals which makes it ideal for beer brewing, the soft water from Pilsen gives our beer a unique delicate taste.


Imparted by malt produced in our own malthouse

Golden colour

To make Pilsner Urquell beer, we produce our own malt using premium-quality varieties of Czech and Moravian two-row spring barley.


Imparted by triple mashing

Caramel flavour

During the mashing process, malt is boiled with water in copper kettles heated by direct flame. This unique procedure is repeated three times, which gives our beer its distinctive malt grain aroma and mild caramel flavour.


Imparted by Saaz hops variety

Fine bitterness

We only use the Saaz semi-early red-bine hops variety, which gives our lager its unique fine bitterness and hoppy aroma.


Hladinka (Crème)

A golden classic

This is the most frequently used beer pouring style, when the beer is poured into the glass in one go to obtain wet creamy foam which comes right up to the brim.


Mlíko (Sweet)

For those who enjoy a delicate taste

This pouring style is particularly popular among women. The glass contains up to 0.5 litres of rich and creamy foam which imparts the beer with a pleasantly sweetish taste.


Šnyt (Slice)

This pouring style is used for beer tasting or when you want to have the last one before heading home.

ess beer and more creamy foam – that is a “slice”. The thick layer of foam makes this pour ideal for beer tasting or when you want to quickly quench your thirst. As a bonus, the beer has a softer bite and stays fresh for longer.


The unique Pilsner beer goes best with the jewels of traditional Czech cuisine prepared based on original recipes with the focus on fresh, premium-quality ingredients. Besides traditional dishes, dominated by our Prazdroj Goulash, our offer also includes modern dishes and local specialties.


A dewy glass of the golden lager from Pilsen goes hand in hand with the experience of the original ambience. Both are based on the same tradition, commemorating the famous history of the Czech brewing industry. The inspiring interior decor will make the moments spent over our unique beer even more enjoyable.


Our master bartenders are ready to make sure that you enjoy the refreshing and properly crisp taste of the Pilsner beer to the fullest, including the pleasure of admiring its sparkly golden colour and rich, creamy snow-white head.